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About Unilove

In today’s world, every family is different, each of us has different hopes and dreams for our children. What unites us all is the love we have for our children – to give them the best and to keep them safe, healthy, and happy. Each of us does this in our way. Each of us loves our way. We call this Unique Love and we see it in all the different kinds of families, and all the different ways they raise and care for their children. Unilove supports the modern and unique family through our products. We want to be a part of and help to grow the unique love your family shares. Let’s all live unique love!


Through innovative and modern products which improve and simplify the parenting journey, Unilove supports the Unique Love between parents and children and the Unique Love of the modern family.


All parents, children and families live Unique Love.


Feed Me Booster has won the product awards in the Babies and Parenting category for the 2019 Family Choice Awards. Recognizing the best products, services and resources for all members of a family; The Family Choice Awards is now in its 19th year and is one of the most coveted, family friendly consumer awards program in the USA nation. Winners are assured extensive coverage and visibility nationwide to consumers who recognize the awards as top recommendations for their buying decisions from “the source they trust most”

Feed Me Booster is a multi-function booster that can be used as a dining booster, floor chair, and armchair. There are four features that distinguish our product from others: the ergonomic seat design and the back support allow the baby seat comfortably: the simple twist button to adjust seat height that helps the product in most dining scenarios: compact folding design means the product can be easily carried: the swivel and detachable tray make cleaning the mess that baby left behind easy.

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