The Best Pregnancy and Newborn Pillow 2022

The reviews are in! Introducing the Hopo 7-in-1 pillow – the end of your long web search for the perfect pillow. The best pregnancy, nursing, and lounge pillow by UniLove is a must-have item on your registry and for any seasoned soon to-be parent. At only $79.99 it is an amazing gift for a friend or an expecting family. Can be used from pregnancy through the first 9 months and beyond! 

Here are the 7 uses of the Hopo pillow:

  1. Pregnancy Bump-friendly side support
  2. Breastfeeding Pillow
  3. Baby lounger
  4. Baby Sit Support
  5. Head Rest
  6. Leg Support
  7. Lounge Seat

If sleeping during pregnancy is tough, then Hopo will help make the zz’s more comfortable. Lower back or back pain in general is quite common during pregnancy and the Hopo is the perfect tool to support your back and waist while sleeping or lounging. The design is made to feel like you are resting on a cloud.

Once baby is here, don’t put the Hopo away just yet. It is also a nursing pillow! With the extended shape and size, it is great for breastfeeding, while gently supporting one's elbows and reducing back discomfort. Breastfeeding is already a hard job to do so having a supporting pillow like the Hopo just makes things easier, so you can focus on the precious moments bonding with your little one.

And finally, as your little one begins to sit, the pillow is great for lounging. With the curved shape the pillow can support the baby as they sit. The pillow also has a secret baby insert tucked inside that can be unfolded into a lounger for naps. The perfect product for your baby to enjoy some quality zzz’s and coo’s.