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Touring Raincover

Accessories Collection


Weight: 200g .


Perfect Fitting

Suitable for use with the Unilove Touring jogger when used in both seat and carrycot

mode to keep by dry and protected from the wind and rain. 

Easy Access for use

Easy access two-way waterproof zipper door for easy access to child without having to lift the cover.

Ventilation for Air-Flow

Ventilation holes to allow proper airflow while keeping your child completely dry

Clear See-Through Window

Clear waterproof and windproof large windows on three sides

Clear water resistant window so your child can see the world and you can see your child

Waterproof Light Fabric

Waterproof fabric to filter dust and cold air and keeps baby dry and warm.

Safe for Protection in Dark

Reflective piping and printing for added viability that will glow-in-the-dark.