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Feed Me



Unfolded dimensions: W38 x H36.5~H42.5 x D41 cm
Folded dimensions: W38 x H43.5 x D17 cm
Weight: 3.25 kg

*This product is designed for use by children who can sit up by themselves, up to a maximum age of 3 years or a maximum weight of 15kgs.


Bring your little ones and enjoy meals together

Multi-functional booster with 3 separate modes: floor seat/booster/ feeding seat.

3 in 1 design

The multi-functional booster for 3 separate modes: floor seat/a booster/ feeding seat.

Adjustable Height

Four level height adjustments and each level with identified marks. The rotating button designs to adjust the seating height. Dining shouldn’t be the problem anymore!

Extra Lid for Easy-Clean

Dishwasher-safe snap on lid keeps feeding tray clean.
*Tray lid suitable for the dishwasher.

Harness for Safety

Three way harness adjustable holds the child safe and sound.

Ergonomic structure

The ergonomic seat is our revolutionary design, gives better back supports for the baby. Oh! and its definitely eye-catching.

Swivel Tray

Featuring the swivel and detachable tray. Adding the crotch bar to prevent baby from sliding under.

Easy folding, Easy carrying

Ultra-compact folding design for taking only very little space in the storage. Its a easy peasy job.