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Hopo Pure

Multi-Support Pillow


Size:H 82x W 55 x D 12CM
Weight: 1.6 kg
Patent registered: ZL201320699854.4.


Ever dreamed of sleeping on the cloud? 

This is exactly what the Hopo designed for. By providing the extra comfort softness with 100% poly interiors, it is also extremely functional for the mommy's daily use. Of course! we add little taste in style on the graphics printing.

Maximum support and stress reliever

A Perfect tool to support pregnant Mommy's back and waist.. Mommy will no longer have trouble falling asleep.

Safety is our Number 1 priority

Hopo can be used as a lounger for newborn babies. The firmly base foundation and the 3-way harness provides its security for baby's protection.

Makes breastfeeding easier

The Hopo extended shape and size can be the platform for breastfeeding.

It supports the elbow stresses and reduces back discomfort. Surely can make nursing more relaxing.

Soft touching material for comfortability

We pay attention to the details. By filling with 100%poly interiors, the handtouch is extremely firmed and yet remains its softness.

Your baby's best learning buddy,Hopo can be.

The U shape design can be used to support a baby’s early muscle development and sit up time. Aiding him/her in learning to sit upright.