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1-Year Warranty

Designed To Be Unique , Made With Love
Designed To Be Unique ,
Made With Love

Love is unique, from person to person, family to family. Love is also a universal language for caring for each other. It doesn't matter the age, gender or race!

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Dining booster seat for baby
Feed Me 3-in-1 Dining Booster Seat
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lightweight travel stroller

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The concept involves considering various aspects that can further enhance the idea of longevity and responsible consumption.

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bedside bassinet for newborn

Hug Me Plus

Coordinating with the company was very seamless. When we arrived back home in the USA from Europe the bassinet was just delivered in front of our door, ready to be assembled. We really appreciated that. It comes with its own bag so if you need to travel as our family does, that’s the perfect solution for taking it along. The instructions were very simple and we built the bassinet literally in a few minutes. We have it in pink and we really LOVE IT! Our little Heaven slept all night long since the very first time in it. We’re very satisfied and we definitely suggest everybody to get one for their newborns.

Alice Gazzetta

feeding booster seat for baby review

Feed Me

We love the booster! we love how easy it is to set up and also how the tray comes off for easy cleaning!

Shawna Carruba

black feed me booster seat customer review

Feed Me Booster

I don’t really have any complaints about the chair! The only thing I didn’t really like much was the cushion, I don’t think it’s stays on very well. I love that it has different height levels and that the tray swivels. I like how it can fold nice and compact and the bag for travel is nice, too.

Jordanna Houser

stroller for toddler easy travel baby gear

On The Go Stroller

It’s super easy to use, lightweight and easy to maneuver. And easy to fold! My only is that seat was too small to use after my baby turned 12 month old . If it was just a little big longer I would probably use it till now

Olga Boiko

stroller for toddler easy travel baby gear

On The Go Stroller

We honestly love it so much. Pros- it’s light weight, which is so great when you have multiple things to carry! I love the spf 50 visor as well! The adjustable handle is fantastic! So is the storage underneath!!Cons- I wish it was easier to fold up. I feel like I’m still confused on how to collapse it. & I also wish the seat reclined back more. Babies & toddlers fall asleep so much in the stroller on walks.

Brittney Bryant Finney


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