On The Go Pet Stroller
On The Go Pet Stroller
On The Go Pet Stroller
On The Go Pet Stroller

On The Go Pet Stroller

  • Detachable pet carrier
  • Foldable canopy
  • Safety belts
  • Adjustable handle
  • 360 rotation front wheel
  • Safety brake rear wheel
  • Car seat for small pet
  • Pet carrier weight: 7 lb
Sale price$169.99
  • Frame: Alloy Steel
  • ASTM F2640-18

The package comes with a frame stroller, pet carrier adapter and a pet carrier

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Pet stroller

Pet stroller

Comfort and Safety

On The Go Pet Stroller follows the same regulations that govern baby stroller design, ensuring a secure and cozy space for your furry companion. Your pet can enjoy a spacious interior while being safeguarded by dependable brakes and a secure harness.

Pet Carrier

Detachable Pet Carrier

Whether you're headed to the vet, enjoying a day at the park, or simply exploring the neighborhood, the seamless transition from stroller to carrier ensures your pet's comfort remains uninterrupted. This adaptability not only minimizes stress for your pet but also optimizes your outings, making every adventure a breeze.

pet travel car seat

Car Seat for Pet

Versatile Pet Travel

With the detachable carrier, it becomes not just a stroller, but a multi-functional travel solution. This single unit effortlessly transitions from stroller to car seat, eliminating the need for extra gear. Providing your pet with a secure and familiar space throughout the journey.

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