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What We Insist


Unilove is a young brand combining design and latest technology in functionality, ergonomics and lightweight products.

Our products are made for the young couples who would like to present their individual taste in their daily life.

We believe that each child is unique and that is why we try to help young couples with our unique baby gear by concentrating our most efforts on the style, colours, patterns and technical features of each unilove product. 

We care for making lives easier, more convenient and more comfortable. With enthusiasm and creativity to children’s gear, our mission is for children and parents to enjoy unilove spirited aesthetic and superior quality.  We are always committed to treating parents by offering well-crafted, smart function and consistent value added products.

Designed with Love
Made with Quality

Where We Start

Our Story

Unilove, all began from a young man who believes in his unparalleled love for his family and his father. He successfully turned his love into passion and make it realistic.

The founder of Unilove, B.K., is an ambitious young man who comes from a family which has been engaged in the business of baby gear and essentials for over 30 years. He had been searching an “element” that can give baby gear a new definition as well as bringing a totally new era to the family business. This had never been an easy task until he met his lifetime partner, E.L., who afterwards became his wife. E.L. had an acute awareness for fashion and good skill to infuse fashion into real products. This young couples had lived in UK for years, not only to pursue studies aboard but also to search for the “element” to redefine baby products.

“I still remember clearly the moment when I was in Hyde Park the day after a sudden rain, it was just a corner of the Serpentine in the Hyde Park”, said B.K., explaining how he found the “element”. There was a young mother sitting gracefully next to a jogger in which her boy sat in and slept sweetly. She enjoyed the great moment with a rainbow hanging right in front of the lake and her 4-year-old boy well-protected by the enhanced baby stroller in the Hyde Park. B.K. was impressed by how thoughtfully and uniquely British parents care about their kids. All the love they give to their beloved babies is given in their own specific way, no parents being identical concerning this matter. Besides, the baby products they applied not only keeps the babies safe but also show how much they care about them. This last puzzle of element was finally found and B.K. referred to it as “Parents Love, Unique love “. Because of love, we care about your need and we do everything to satisfy your need.

This concept was greatly agreed by their best friends from one of the European professional visual & industrial designer team. With the strength and collaboration of the team, B.K. founded Unilove. The first launch of Unilove Baby Gear was in Germany Exhibition 2012. With B.K.’s efficient execution, E.L.’s trend observation and the support from the European team, Unilove was blooming up as one of the most potential and competitive stars in global baby gear industry.

“If parents’ love is the essential element of growth, UNILOVE will be the one who is always there to support parents and to witness each precious moment of the babies’ growth”, B.K. said. With a sense of mission, Unilove team has kept moving on creating innovative baby gears. With the love parents give to children, Unilove ensures it is unique love for the beloved babies.