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Pregnancy Pillow Usage Guide: 6 Techniques for Peaceful Sleep

Get the most out of your pregnancy pillow with our Usage Guide. Discover 6 techniques for a peaceful and comfortable sleep during pregnancy.
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As soon as a woman becomes pregnant, it is important for her to take better care of herself to provide her baby with proper nutrition. In addition to proper nutrition, a good sleep routine is essential for both mother and baby. This article will introduce the Pregnancy Pillow (also known as Maternity Pillow), which is popular among many pregnant mothers, in detail. You will learn about the usage techniques of the pregnancy pillow during pregnancy, postpartum, and breastfeeding period.

Do you need a pregnancy pillow?

The Pregnancy Pillow can effectively reduce stress and help mothers sleep better during pregnancy. It is one of the most important necessities for mothers and can help alleviate the increasing body burden due to pregnancy. It is recommended that mothers start using the pregnancy pillow after 15 weeks of pregnancy, as the weight burden on mothers will gradually increase, and symptoms such as back pain and swollen ankles may appear. As the fetus grows, fetal movement frequency and abdominal pressure also become more frequent. Therefore, the pregnancy pillow can be used as stable support when sitting or lying down, protecting the body joints from excessive pressure, helping mothers to find comfortable lying positions and quickly enter a peaceful sleep.

If you have a pregnancy pillow, it is essential to learn the correct usage methods to achieve the desired effect.

Here are six ways to use a pregnancy pillow

  1. Place it under the legs: During pregnancy, the mother’s body will increase in fluid volume, which can cause swelling in the limbs such as the arms, legs, and ankles. A thicker pregnancy pillow can be used to prop up the leg, which can help relieve swelling, promote blood circulation, and alleviate numbness and swelling in the legs. This usage is recommended during the middle stages of pregnancy when experiencing swelling and numbness in the limbs.promote blood circulation for pregnant woman

  2. Place it at the Coccyx: During the middle and late stages of pregnancy, the belly expands, causing the coccyx to bear a considerable amount of pressure to support the weight of the body. This can easily lead to lower back pain and discomfort. Placing a U-shape pillow at the coccyx can help distribute the weight of the fetus and alleviate the burden on the lower back. This usage is recommended during the middle and late stages of pregnancy or when there is a noticeable feeling of fetal growth in the abdomen.relieve the pain from coccyx from pregnancy

  3. Place it between the legs while side sleeping: As pregnancy progresses, the uterus will expand, and around the 20th week of pregnancy, a feeling of pressure in the abdomen can be felt when lying or sitting. Therefore, many moms adopt a side sleeping position, and at this time, placing the pregnancy pillow between the legs and allowing the belly to rest lightly on the pillow can reduce pressure on the waist and belly, relieve the feeling of sagging, and promote better sleep. This usage is recommended during the middle and late stages of pregnancy or during sleep.Side sleeper pillow

  4. Place it on the shoulder and neck: During pregnancy, poor posture or improper sleeping positions can easily lead to shoulder and neck stiffness and pain. At this time, the maternity pillow can also be placed behind the neck and shoulders to reduce the burden on the body and neck, whether it is for daily work, watching TV, binge-watching dramas, or napping. This usage is suitable for use during pregnancy or in daily life.neck and shoulder pain from pregnancy

  5. Place it on the waist during nursing: After giving birth, it is important to continue using the pregnancy pillow. While nursing, you can wrap the pillow around your waist and rest your elbow on it to reduce pressure on your arms. The large nursing pillow can also protect your lower back and spine from prolonged strain, reducing the risk of mommy’s wrist and lower back injuries during both breastfeeding and bottle-feeding.mommy wrist thumb pain

  6. Support for Baby's Tummy Time and Sitting: Apart from serving as a pregnancy pillow for moms to sleep and relax, the versatile pregnancy pillow can also act as a useful aid for babies to learn how to lift their heads during tummy time and sit up. For infants below 3 months, the pillow's center can provide a gentle support for their tummy time. For babies aged over 4 months, the pillow can be used to support their delicate neck and head while practicing tummy time. And once they reach 6 months, the pillow can be positioned behind the baby to provide support for their back as they learn to sit up.infant lounger support baby sitting up

How to Choose the Right Pregnancy Pillow? Follow 4 Selection Points

When it comes to choosing the right pregnancy support pillow, it can be overwhelming given the many options available on the market. To ensure pregnant moms select a pillow that works best for them and their baby, it is important to consider the following 4 selection points:

  1. Non Toxic Pregnancy Pillow: Since pregnancy pillows have close contact with the skin, it's crucial to choose materials that are gentle and suitable for sensitive skin. This helps to prevent discomfort or skin allergies, particularly in hot weather.
  2. Thick and high-resilience cotton pillow core: The primary function of a pregnancy pillow is to support the weight of pregnant women, and a thick pillow core is needed for effective stress-relief. Additionally, a thick core enhances durability and extends the pillow's lifespan.
  3. Adequate support and ergonomics: The unique crescent shape of pregnancy pillows allows mothers to adjust it to their body shape and switch between different usage modes. Opting for a longer pillow design provides better overall support and coverage of the hand, waist, and other areas.
  4. Functionality: While pregnancy pillows are typically used during pregnancy, selecting one with multiple functions can be practical. Such pillows can be used by mothers in their daily lives and as learning-to-sit and learning-to-crawl pillows for babies, and even as a "newborn lounger pillow (baby sofa)". A versatile pillow is a smart choice.newborn lounger boppy

Hopo 7-in-1 pregnancy pillow is a fantastic choice for expecting mothers who want a comfortable, versatile, and long-lasting pregnancy pillow. With every features provide adequate support and relief the body discomforts from pregnancy journey. Moreover, the 7-in-1 design allows for versatile usage, not only during pregnancy but also as a breastfeeding pillow, a newborn lounger, and a tummy time pillow.