My baby found her new cloud 9

Our baby truly enjoys sleeping on it, even though we only got this couple days ago. There are three features that I love the most- easy assembly, adjustable height and the mesh walls. This is the second bedside sleeper we bought. The first one is not sturdy enough. My husband and I are both favor of this one so much more.

I listed a few pros and cons for other newborns parents out there. Hopefully this could help. Overall I'll give it 5 starts and recommend it. The mattress is firm enough to give an extra support for my baby. The pink one I got has a nice tone in it and I really love the frame of the product. The quality is top notch, which was unexpected!

#No additional tools needed to assemble
#Much more sturdy than the others
#The mattress foam provides great support
#Great visibility via the mesh walls

#No storage pocket
#Max weight on it is 19 pounds