Designed to be Unique, Made with Love

 Designed to be Unique, Made with Love

Unilove is the combination of the words "Unique" and "Love". We believe that every Love is Unique, especially the Love that each parent has toward their children; and that every modern family has a Unique Love that binds them together. 

No two families are the same, and the needs of each family are different and unique. With this in mind, we have developed products that can be used in multiple ways, and that can be used for as long as possible. This is a key part of our commitment to Unique Love.

We asked ourselves how to add value and increase the life cycle of products through design innovation. This became the mission of the Unilove brand. Our vision is to bring Unique Love to each product and support each families’ Unique Love through our innovation. 

  • Our mission: Through innovative and modern products, which improve and simplify the parenting journey, Unilove supports the Unique Love between parents and children, and the Unique Love of the modern family.
  • Our Vision: All parents, children and families live their Unique Love.
  • Our Journey: We launched our first product for the US market, Hug Me Plus, in Sepembert 2019. Parents and their babies loved this product. In May 2020 we launched the Feed Me Booster, and had the same loving response. In September 2020 we launched the Hopo Multi-function pillow. And now we are working hard on the next Unique and Loving products to support Unique Love!
  • Our Values - The Modern Family: In today’s world every family is different, each of us have different hopes and dreams for our children. What unites us all is the love we have for our children – to give them the best and to keep them safe, healthy and happy. Each of us does this in our own way. Each of us loves in our own way. We call this Unique Love and we see it in all the different kinds of families, and all the different ways they raise and care for their children. Unilove supports the modern and unique family through our products. We want to be a part of and help to grow the unique love your family shares. Let’s all live Unique Love!
  • Our Products: 

HugMe Plus 3-in-1 Bassinet and Bedside Sleeper

  • Bedside Crib - Provides baby a comfortable and safe place to sleep close to you.
  • Travel Crib - On the go simplified! Easy to pack and unpack so parents can use almost anywhere.
  • Standing Crib - Allows for baby to transition from bedside sleeping to independent sleeping.

FeedMe 3-in-1 Feeding and Booster Seat

  • Feeding Seat - A comfortable and safe seat for your little one as they learn to feed.
  • Travel Seat - On the go simplified! Easy to pack and unpack so parents can use almost anywhere.
  • Transitional Seat - Allows for the baby to transition from eating on tray to eating at table, and from a booster seat to an independent seat.

On The Go 2-in-1 Stroller

  • Car Seat Mode - Adapts to most car seats quickly and easily. Perfect for families who need to be on the go with their little ones!
  • Reversible Seat Mode - Safe and secure parent facing, or easily reverse the seat to see and interact with the world.

Hopo 7-in-1 Pregnancy, Nursing Pillow and Baby Lounger

  • Bump-friendly side support pillow
  • Head support pillow
  • Leg support pillow
  • Lounge seat pillow
  • Breastfeeding pillow
  • Baby sit support pillow
  • Baby lounger

Every product we develop has more than one functionality that adds value to each of our products compared to the competition. Bassinets that become drawing boards, nursing pillows that become baby loungers and feeding seats that become travel seats and training seats. Unique products, Unique Love.

Designed to be Unique, Made with Love